2010 - present
2010 - present

About Me

I'm a Southern California native whose path in the applied arts got more and more subverted when opportunities for running around in public as characters I loved kept happening and going really well. Eventually my interest in performing was too obvious to ignore. That, and being drawn to art forms like the commedia dell'arte and vaudeville led me to the world of variety arts instead.
I spent about a decade performing as a physical comedienne, dancer, clown, sideshow artist, magician's assistant, and a variety of atmosphere characters. Mixed in with that I managed to dabble in more traditional acting as well, which gradually edged its way to being my main focus.
My not-so-traditional background began to translate into a number of offbeat projects for the screen(s), about half of which - despite my generally cheery disposition - revolve around death. In 2015 one of them earned me my first Best Actress award though, so I ain't mad at it. I've also enjoyed exploring other aspects of filmmaking as a writer, producer, costumer, graphic designer, and set dresser. The applied arts makes its way back!
Beyond that, I like to indulge in geeky stuff, outdoorsy stuff, old-timey stuff, music stuff, political stuff, making and prettifying stuff, ranting about stuff... I'm so energized by my work and being around people, and I love to share that energy. So, let's do some stuff!
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