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About Me


Proud to grow up as a weird kid in Southern California, my path in the applied arts got more and more subverted when opportunities to run around in public as characters I loved kept happening and going really well. Eventually my interest in being a weird adult - on stage! - couldn't be ignored. That, and being drawn to art forms like the commedia dell'arte and vaudeville, led me to the world of variety arts instead.

I spent around a decade performing as a physical comedienne, dancer, clown, sideshow artist, magician's assistant, and a variety of atmosphere characters, finally to focus on more traditional screen acting. 

My not-so-traditional background began to translate into a number of offbeat projects for the screen(s), including one that earned me my first Best Actress award in 2015 for my portrayal of a sympathetic zombie, if that gives you any idea... I've also enjoyed exploring other aspects of filmmaking as a writer, producer, costumer, set dresser, production assistant, and graphic designer. The applied arts makes its way back! (But mainly to help make stuff I can act in). 

Beyond that, I like to indulge in fandom stuff, outdoorsy stuff, old-timey stuff, music stuff, activism stuff, making stuff, ranting about stuff... I'm energized by my work and being around great people, and I love to share that energy. So, let's do some stuff!

2010 - present
2010 - present
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